Phyllis Vega Bibliography

Phyllis Vega has written ten books: Numerology for Baby Names, Dell, 1998 Power Tarot (with Trish Macgregor), Fireside, 1998 Romancing The Tarot, Fireside, 2001 Celtic Astrology, New Page, 2002 Sydney Omarr's Astrology, Love, Sex, and You, Signet, 2002 Your Magickal Name (with Debra Vega), New Page, 2004 Sydney Omarr's Sun, Moon, and You, Signet, 2004 What Your Birthday Reveals About You, Fair Winds, 2005 Lovestrology, Fair Winds, 2007 Erotic Astrology, Adams Media, Forthcoming (July 17, 2009)