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Venus in Astrology


Venus is love. Venus is romance. Venus is beauty. Its planetary energy is peaceable, harmonious, unifying, and creative. Venus' zodiacal sign defines your romantic persona. The planet's position in your birth chart exerts a strong influence on your sensuality, self-image, and attachments to others. Venus' natal placement is a clear indicator of the manner in which you approach relationships of the heart. Venus' sign determines what gives you pleasure, how you express that pleasure, and how you go about sharing it. The planet Venus also denotes sensuality.

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The Moon in Astrology


The Moon’s position in the natal chart is extremely significant, and second only in importance to the placement of the Sun. The Moon is the place to look when seeking the private side of an individual, the person that others don’t see. Your birth Moon shows how you come across emotionally. Your Moon’s sign is about the ways you express and deal with your feelings. It signifies unconscious patterns of behavior, and reflects the types of relationships you are likely to form and how you interact with the people around you.

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Mars in Astrology


The planet Mars in your birth chart represents strength of will and the desire to win and conquer. It is closely connected to your sense of personal identity and individual level of self-sufficiency. The key Martian qualities are aggression, anger, confidence, courage, independence, leadership, athleticism, passion, sexuality, and masculinity. The zodiacal sign Mars occupies in your horoscope shows your level of energy and how you use that energy to overcome obstacles.

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